Where can use spatial.checkCulling(cam)?

i use spatial.checkCulling(cam) in appstate postRender() for disable anim! and it return too much true !many spatial dont in camera area!

It’s very difficult to help someone that refuses to listen. If you insist on doing it the way you think is right - only you can solve these problems.

If, on the other hand you decide to listen to the experience of the community you would be partitioning your scene graph effectively and using an entity system amongst other things.

The things we suggest are the solutions to the problems you describe. If you refuse to use the solutions that have been specifically designed for these problems you must find your own solution - which will most likely be some variant of the solutions we offered at the beginning.

I would urge you to listen to those with experience.

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i cant partitioning my scene! the game like war3 .it is frame synchronization! i need all thing in rootNode! at least the trees! and the trees have stand anim! now i have 10k anim in rootNode! so i need disable some anim!

Sure you can.

Then you’ve done something wrong. And that’s ok. Nobody really understands how to write a game until they’ve written a game. Learning is what we’re here for.

geo return right ! but all node will return true! but my animctrl is add on node!