Where do I download ImagePainter plugin?

Where can I get the ImagePainter plugin? Does it even still exist? I have tried searching Google, GitHub, this forum, the jme3 SDK, but I just can’t find it. There was one link to the jar on the forum but of course that leads nowhere now (google code). Help? :disappointed_relieved:

I’m using Eclipse for development btw (I know the SDK is nice and all, but I want to keep using Eclipse.)

PS: “There’s no excuse for poor documentation, and we don’t need one.”… lol

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here you go

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Thanks a lot!

Hell, I was actually planning to ask this very question a few weeks ago but then forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it up again :smiley:

I looked through it… Could it be used for decals, does anybody knows?

Afaik this thing just modifies a texture to add text and stuff. So if you have separate materials then sure, otherwise you’ll need some sort of texture projector.

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