Where do I find the assets for the tutorials?

Hello all

I am trying to use the GUI examples from the tutorial, but when I enter Interface/tutorial/step2/start-background.png I get nothing, and I’ve had this happen using the monkey image from the beginner tut, when trying to use it in my own project.

When clicking “Project Asssets” I only get build, dist nbproject src test, etc like a normal looking Netbeans Project layout.

So where exactly do I find these images to try out?



I think in one of the first tutorials, it mentions that you have to add a library to get the assets working.

Yea: Highlighted:

Trouble finding the files to run this sample? To get the assets (3D models) used in this example, add the included jme3-test-data.jar to your classpath. In project created with the jMonkeyEngine SDK (recommended), simply right-click your project, choose “Properties”, go to “Libraries”, press “Add Library” and add the preconfigured “jme3-test-data” library.

Dont know if I read your topic right :slight_smile: Give a shout if it doesn’t work.

Yeah, actually I already did that, and at first I thought that was what I needed, I’ve had it for awhile, but it seems like I’m still having issues… The path is exactly the same though?

I think these nifty GUI tutorial assets are not in that jar but I don’t know what jar has them. I’ve never downloaded the project zip for the nifty tutorials so I don’t know. Someone familiar with those specific tutorials will have to comment, I guess.

Wasn’t the point actually to make your own background and assets??
The nifty controls are all included in the nifty-default-controls.jar and nifty-style-black.jar (I ended up making my own controls too ^.^)

Thanks pspeed

@Javagame, the issue is that they are tutorials, and are meant to be used initially.

Of course I am going to make my own, am in the process now (Especially since a new Photoshop is out yay)!

I just wanted some examples, that is all.

Just do this

its more fun and it takes under 5 minutes :slight_smile:


“NiftyGUIDemo.zip” on that page has all of the assets used in the nifty wiki/tutorial.