Where do the 460 default triangles in SimpleApplication come from?

How can I trace back the 460 default triangles in SimpleApplication? Are they all use by the StatsView? Problem is: I can’t see if they are gone when I disable the StatsView, duh.

Thanks in advance!

You can trace it by extending Application and printing the relevant renderer.getStatistics()-part to the console in your update loop.

And could you also just tell me where they come from? Are there 460 triangles drawn for that little HUD alone?

Just making a random guess, please ignore this if you have no clue what I say:

Marnix? :slight_smile:

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It’s possible… one quad per letter… multiplied by 2 for triangles.

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Yes they come from the HUD.

If you want to get rid of them use this in your simpleInit method

setDisplayFps(false) ;

setDisplayStatView(false) ;