Where does the javamonkey .sh file install?

This seems like a dump question, but I’ve just run the shell installer from github. The wizard ran fine, but now I need to add jmonkey’s jars to my build path. I’d love to do that, but I have no clue where the files were installed. I’ve been searching through directories and its not finding anything. I’m running a pretty recent version of Ubuntu. Jmonkey does show up in the unity ‘search’ , but that doesn’t really help out. Anyone know where the Jar files are located? Thanks in advance.

Go into the about dialog or see what it outputs right after launching, somewhere there has to be the path information.
Depending on how you execute the SDK after loading you could follow this path aswell.
And then there is ~/.jmonkeyplatform.
I don’t know what jmonkey jars you want to add though, the sdk should already contain every jar (for your project just rightclick Add Libraries) and even then you might want to place them in your projects folder and not really in the sdk

On my install (the SDK) it placed the jars (or at least most of them) under ~/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/libs

A bit easier to just use the SDK though IMO (I’m actually a recent Netbeans defector from Eclipse because jME encourages us to try out the SDK - it’s pretty good).

If you start the SDK and create a jME project, it’ll add a set of jars for you, which is a good starting point even if you don’t need everything.