Where I can find the 3.1 roadmap


I searched the forums and the site but I cannot find 3.1 roadmap I am very new to JME, so I wasn’t here when it was published.


There is no such thing. (And not because we didn’t think of doing one, don’t realize that some would like to see one or anything like that)

Is there an issue tracker so I can see myself?

I get a little confused when I see post about Oculus plugin for example, which says something about dependencies on 3.1 code.

I think many could be interested due to we can begin to test. I know that people who follow you since 3.0 release have track of the changes, but new ones no. I found an interesting new feature about packaging the applications as an exe for example but I want to know what other changes are coming.


When we release an alpha we’ll list the most important changes. Theres always the github commit list btw.

I think your are looking about something like that Roadmap for v3.1, Upcoming Release · Issue #199 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub ?
But this list isn’t so relevant on actual modifications.

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Excellent yes it is what I am looking for.


This list is not saying anything, isn’t updated and doesn’t contain all changes.

Are there any more new features coming with 3.1 (besides the ones already in git master)? The last I could find was the third article on PBR from half a year ago, and the implementation seems to be still incomplete.

No, we planned to just build 3.0 again and slap a “3.1” badge on it – of course there are.

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And what features are planned?

I didn’t compile a list - and that list wouldn’t mean anything anyway, it will have the features it will have until then.

I suggest to just take a look into the github commits, and see their comments to get a incomplete large list.
For example tessellation is on board.