Where is odejava?

It seems
https://odejava.dev.java.net/  and http://odejava.org/

are dead.

Where to download the source or binaries?

http://code.google.com/p/jmephysics/source/browse/trunk/impl/ode/lib/  ???


I believe the ODE physics implementation was using this http://www.ode.org/, not ODEJava.

I think ODEJava is dead for at least a year.

jME Physics System provides an interface between jME (Java Monkey Engine) and ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). It sits on top of a slightly modified version of odejava ...

Don't use ODEJava for anything serious! ( I think we should note that somewhere.)

I have kind of a follow up on JIA question…

I suppose that the "slightly modified version of odejava" is the code under:

[org.odejava]  in jmePhysics2/impl/ode/src


Now the next question is: which version of ODE is the jmePhysics's odejava using?

It would really help me to have the release version, or the svn revision number of the ODE under the hood of odejava distributed with jmePhysics…

In addition I would like to know if ODE was compiled with double precision? I guess it would be single precision mode, triggering my last question: any ideas if jmePhysics could use a --enable-double-precision version of ODE?