Where is the documentation for addWheel in VehicleControl class?


I’m want to add wheels to my car in JME and I was follwing this manual:


When I was at addWheel method I want to know more about that method. So I went to the VehicleControl class.


But I did not found any method about addWheel, except for methods inherited from class com.jme3.bullet.objects.PhysicsVehicle.

Do you know here the documentation is for addWheel?

Javadoc is generated from the sources. Some things may not be documented fully, but in the case of bullet physics, you can read pretty much any data about it from any engine so long as it is related to bullet physics.

Is there a way to see the wheel? Not the spatial, the real wheel grid.

The wheel should appear when you enable physics debugging using


as described in https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/jme3/advanced/physics.html


I have tried that, but only the collision shape is shown.

Set wireframe on the wheels material?

I did not get that to work, but I solved my problem by placing the wheels on a car.

Now it runs. :slight_smile:

The wiki page you link in your post has a full explanation under “adding the wheels”…

Yes. But I want to read the documention about addWheel(). Anyway, I have created the vehicle now and it runs well.

What is not good enough about the information about addWheel on that page?