Where is the java webstart stack trace kept?

Hi All

I have downloaded a few demo's, the ones that run using java webstart. I see the configuration screen, press OK. The window goes black and within a few seconds the window closes and the application has stopped. Does anybody have an idea where I can find the log files so that I can post any possible error messages here and by doing so help out in improving the product.



in windows a log.txt is put on your desktop

I'm sorry but not on my WinXP machine. No log.txt.

You can start 'javaws' (without arguments) and configure logging: switch on 'traces'. Then find the log files (or better traces) in the configured folder (usually somewhere in your user home/application data/sun/…/log).

I typically just create a try/catch block in my main method that uses JException (in http://jcommon.dev.java.net) and then I get a pretty exception displayed on the screen and it keeps the log from disapearing because the application can’t terminate.