Where is the jMonkeyEngine IDE?

I followed http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:build_jme3_sources_with_netbeans and built everything.

Where is now the SDK where I can create new JME3 projects?

This guide is meant for when you don’t want to use the SDK. If you want to use the SDK just download it?

There is no SDK for FreeBSD

Actualliy I’m looking for the IDE. As I understand I just would jave to add some plugins to netbeans?

I had success with this: http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:setting_up_netbeans_and_jme3 (although I have netbeans 8), but this is not the real IDE of course

What happens when you try to run the linux version? After all java should be non to platform specific.
Because else you will most likely get the next problem with lwjgl not having embedded natives for bsd.

The linux download which is a shell script doesn’t even install

You might need to build the SDK from source. Some people have gotten the jME3 IDE plugins to work in vanilla NetBeans though.

Yes I built the SDK in netbeans, but where is the IDE then?

I have a “jMonkeyEngine3” project, no “SDK” project

in this folder you have a sdk folder. That’s a netbeans project

if you don’t see it you probably miss a plugin in netbeans.
look for Netbeans plugin development or something like that in the plugins list

I don’t have an sdk folder: I got the source via svn like described here:
It seems this only points to the “engine” subdir? There is really a lot of confusion here

What I did to get it working:
I simply did a git checkout (should be the same as svn) and then run ./gradlew build (you possibly need chmod u+x gradlew before).

If that build is complete, do a ./gradlew buildSdk just to be sure.
After that cd in the sdk directory and use ant build-zip.
Under the sdk/dist path, there should be the zip file :slight_smile:

git checkout of what? It is totally confusing, there are several servers with multiple branches … one uses git, one uses svn, one uses gradle, one uses ant …

It’s pretty simple:
jMonkey used to be on Google Code but then moved to github. That means you have to use the latter.
Github supports both, svn and git, which one you use is basically personal flavour.

As for the compilation jME is compiled by gradle but the sdk is compiled by ant.
So you need both. First gradle and then ant, just like I posted above :slight_smile:

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Nobody said that jME works on BSD btw…

Yes it works, I just missed the IDE stuff