Where is the SDK in the registry

I deleted SDK 3 from the window system, incorrectly, just deleted the folder. However, I decided to install it again, but at a different address. But the IDE looks for templates at the old address.

Yeah, you should use the uninstaller. Anyway theres a “.jmonkeyplatform” folder (hidden) in the user directory. Or AppSettings or where ever MS decided to start a new folder that exists elsewhere already lately.

Thanks, this problem is solved.

So where is it these days? What windows version do you have. That way this thread could be useful to somebody else.

To solve this problem in Windows 7, delete the versioned folder, In my case, the folder named 3.0

In the directory: C:\Users\Serega\Application Data\.jmonkeyplatform

Instead of Serega, the name of your account

Mine was located here %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming.jmonkeyplatform

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