Where is Unshaded.j3md

I couldn’t find path


anyware on my system.

It’s in the jme3-core.jar like all of the other built-in assets.

thanks. i just started with platform on reading code from BasicGame project. I couldn’t figure that one out myself.

You should start here:

…and continue doing the tutorials until you are an expert.

Well thank you! It looks very information rich.

One more location is missing with Material Defaults as it seems.

i cant locate
in jme3-core.jar file.
It spits out in suggestions but it is not in jme3-core.jar

Since it’s terrain… it’s probably in the jme3-terrain.jar.

Edit: I feel like I’m missing something, though… how did you know about that material if you aren’t in a place that told you about that dependency?

Today i tried jME for first time. I first tried to experiment without any tutorials on my own and except that i was puzzled a bit from where assets are loaded, everything else went butter smoothly. I enjoyed learning logically, by writing freestyle code and latter i started reading about scene graph on wiki and started going trough link you sent me.

Tbh i regret that i never before had patience to try jME (know about this project for long time), but maybe that is a good thing since i am just currently writing thesis about design patterns and expression tree app which is basically abstract syntax tree which is same as system this engine uses for entities, so i feel like i fly trough the concepts of this engine framework.

That was my problem too:
Had the SDK and the tutorials.
Could not find out where any of that stuff comes from (e.g. .j3md files or .png files or other things).
No description what the SDK’s build files do.
No description where each file is from.
Three different directions on a Windows system where things might be.
Pure horror for someone who likes to understand the software he works with…

Yeah, if you don’t already know Java well then it can be confusing I guess. Else “these are loaded from the classpath” is pretty much all the description one needs… then step two was search the repository. Not saying your wrong, but documentation dedicated non-Java developers has never been a priority I guess.

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How can I get the classpath of my app and how can I find out which .j3md file is being loaded via which .jar file using that information?

Searching the github repo often leads to finding these things (.j3md, .png, etc.).
But somehow I never know into which .jar archives these elements will be packed.

The SDK is a special horror:
Installing and using the SDK may be easy and comfortable.
But after the first two days you notice that it’s essentially a black box system.
All people except normen won’t know where to start understanding the SDK.