Where should i start from?

I am trying to explore the networking but i do not know where to start from. I read about JGN and i found it quite amazing. But where is the code? Should i donwload everyting there is in the http://captiveimagination.com/svn/public/jgn/trunk/src/ directory or is there a CVS donwload ? Are there any examles ?

And another issue. When i tried to download the jar files from http://www.captiveimagination.com/download/dependencies/jgn.jar it did not run, a msg "failed to load Main-class manifest" appeared. What's wrong ?

I need some guidance please.

Thanks in advance !

You'll want to grab everything from the trunk, not just the src directory.  I think all the examples are in the repository, darkfrog will be able to confirm this.

You can't run the jgn jar as it is a library and not an executable application.  That is by itself jgn can't do anything, it needs to be used in your application that would use it to connect to a server for example.

Hal is correct.  The URL you reference is the location of the Subversion repository.  You can either checkout the code from the trunk there into a project or download the jgn.jar file and use it.  The jgn.jar file is like the jme.jar file, it is just an API and isn't an application by itself.

Let me know if you have further problems.

I downloaded all the code from the trunk (not with cvs). How am i going to put into eclipse. I must have both jme and jng in one project right ? I am not quite familiar with eclipe( neither with cvs!).


No, you can create your own project, have a jME project that you created when you downloaded from CVS, and then have a project that was created when you downloaded JGN from SVN.  You can configure your project to depend on both jME and JGN so you just need to have all three projects open.

I would recommend Subclipse as it makes life much easier: http://subclipse.tigris.org