Where to find the assets folder?


I am quite new to jME and having trouble using custom assets in Eclipse.

In all tutorials etc. it is said to put the assets folder to the java build path. But where is the assets folder? If I create a new, empty assets folder it doesn’t work.


I solved the problem by adding this line to the simpleInitApp:

[java]assetManager.registerLocator(“assets”, ClasspathLocator.class);[/java]

But this isn’t the normal way, isn’t it?

The normal way is to set the asset folder as a source folder in your project configuration


Just in case you think you are being picked on… recognize that this question has come up a few times before. To help in the future, here might be the steps you can use to find out next time.

First, “I need to know why my assets aren’t working in Eclipse.”

So, you can use the google search box:

Which leads to:

And the first link has exactly the answer: