Where to get started

I decided to try some game programming using JME and bit lost with where I can begin. Can you guys give me some tips and some good links that would help me to get started with JME.

Thanks in advance.

btw, that demo in the home page is cool  :smiley:

check out the wiki especially


  • install eclipse
  • download the source
  • check out all the Test Classes, alter them and play with them
  • set up your own project and

    have fun :slight_smile:

Hey folks, I'm starting too. JME looks very promising.

Only thing, I know there are tutorials, but at the same time, the engine is evolving.

For example, there's lots of talk about using StandardGame over SimpleGame.

So I'm not sure which parts of the tutorials I should use and in what order.

Can someone give me a rough outline on how to learn JME? Is there obsolete stuff in the tuts?


DrBullshit said:

For example, there's lots of talk about using StandardGame over SimpleGame.

There is a bit confusion about that. IMO, SimpleGame is definitely the place to start, as StandardGame adds a lot complexity. For your first few programs, stick with SimpleGame. You can still start evaluating StandardGame once you have a basic understanding of the many tasks it tries to help you with (sound, game states, multithreading). But be sure to read darkfrog's article about StandardGame on the wiki, there are some ideas behind it that require a different way of thinking than you are probably used to.

There might be deprecated info in the tuts, if you stumble upon someting odd, just ask on the forum, be helped, and then update the tutorial in the wiki :)

Alright, thanks  :smiley: