Where to start?

Alright, so my friend and i are planning on writing a game next year (we are taking an independent study).

The issue we have is… we have no idea where to start.

our concept of the game is tending toward an rpg, probably turn based battles… think final fantasty 7…

We are just now finishing a class on Java, so we have a good base idea of the language…

Any pointers on where to start (slash) how to start?

Are you sure you want to do an RPG? With only 1 class on Java this will be fairly difficult. You may want to pick something with a lot less content than an RPG. That requires lots of 3D models and different maps and stuff like that…

Anyway what I'd suggest doing is breaking everything into tiny test cases to help you debug easier and then put it all together once you have most stuff done.

JGN is GREAT for networking and easily integrated into jME

GBUI is my GUI of choice, but Feng is another popular option and Swing works as well.

I think you're allowed to use Radakan's WorldTool world editor to map if you like (I THINK. You may want to ask Momoko_Fan). You'll need to write your own importer for it, unless Radakan's tile loader will work for your game.

I would do the FlagRush tutorials, they give you a nice feel for jME.

Well if you haven't made any games before… . Take it easy and make some very simple game. If you dont have experience in 3DModeling and animations and u cant find anybody else who has, then dont waste time on learning to model and animate, just make ur game first with spheres and boxes etc, and once ur game is sort of finished then consider adding character animations.

This semester I started to make my first game and I found that it takes more time than I exptected. But I'm truly glad that I chose JME and JGN to make my first game. Im hoping to make my game playable this weekend. Ive been doing it for 3 months along with attending to other classes and making other projects and I will make my bachelor's project out of it in the next year.

Yes the FlagRushTutorial is probably the best to get aquainted with JME.

Psionic3D also has some great, fully animated, models to test with. No game developer, professional or otherwise, has all of their art done before they begin programming. Use your test models, get your game good, and then get an artist to do stuff. (That was expanding on Henri's suggestion)

Get the source, play with the Test* examples.

Download other opensource games or applications and look how they are made.

Make many many small examples to see how things work.

Get started with your own project :slight_smile: