Which format for a texture font?

Hi all, i'm using jme and i need to change the color of the default font jme comes with.

Basically i need to have the font coloured of black, instead of white… initially i tried to apply a materialstate above the texture state, without luck (maybe i'm missing something xD), next i tried reverting the color of the tga itself, but theresults were…strange  :expressionless: , the labels suddendly were of random color, and most of all the original file (defaultfont.tga) is of 1mb, while the "inverted" tga is only of 128kb  :? . That said, some one can help me, please?? (ps. i'm not using the Text class, instead i've created a FontTextureManager class that give me standard Node object which i can put anywhere in the scene, because i need to use the labels on billboards…i just don't remember why, but with the Text class i couldn't do it!)

thanks anyway,

Francesco Zanitti


I've tried another way… using a Text3D instead of a texture font…unfortunately, if i put a Text3D inside a node wchich will be inserted into a billboard node, then when i rotate around in the scene…the text3d object will rotate also, so what i see are the singles chars that looks correctly towards the camera, but the text itself is not readable (because the char are rendered in the same place)…

There should be a "setTextColour" method with the Text object.