Which format to use

Hey everyone. I have a decision-like problem - I'm working on a project and I want to have models with morph target animations working in jME. Which format to use? I know jME supports importing md2 models (which keep morph target animations but this format have some restrictions) and collada models (which also keep morph target animations but after 2 sleepless nights of figuring out what's going wrong with models exported from Max to Collada format using ColladaMax exporter I give up with this format). Is there other possibility to have morph target animations in jME. I also think of exporting model from max to Ogre3D format and then using OgreLoader load it to jME - but i don't know it is worth it (possible to work).

I'll join that question. My artist has Max and uses the built in .dae exporter … i cant even get correct texture coordinates working there. plz help, any tips are appreciated.

So you say that OgreLoader importer doesn't support importing morph target animations from Ogre format? Yes, I'd like to have facial animations. Is there possibility to add this option to importer by momoko_fan?

I'm not sure if MD5 format keep morph target animations… :confused:

pose animation is supported by both the mesh.xml format and the jME ogre importer. Though last time I checked there was some loading code uncommented related to pose animation… I'll make sure the next release works with it.

Great! So I'm looking forward to new release of OgreLoader. Hope it come out soon  :smiley: