Which GuiLayout does not change the control size?

1-Which GuiLayout does not change the control size?
2-I need to set position of some controls with x and y coordinates, is ti possible in lemur?

The null layout.

…don’t use a layout? You can attach children to Lemur elements just like any JME spatial.

Seriously, though… what is is that you are actually trying to do?

Folks often say that they want no layout but actually they still want one but only kind of. It’s hard to say.


i cant set the left panel width and right panel width.

And you don’t want them to line up or anything? I can’t tell if you drew it that way on accident or really intend for the buttons to be misaligned and so on.

If you want things lined up, that layout is pretty easy to achieve with actual layouts. Let me know if you’d like me to show you.

if I add buttons it will resize to 50% of parent width. 50-50.

That has to do with the fill mode of the layout or the insets of the panel they are in.

I can mock up something that looks like that if you are interested.

Edit: are the “Text Content” fields buttons or labels?


where is the fill mode? is it a container method?

It’s part of the SpringGridLayout constructor:

Defaults to FillMode.Even

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