Which Model file type to use? - age old question

Ok i ahve been reading around about what programs to use for modeling but what i can't seem to find is a good File type to use. If i was to export the java xml from blender would I be able to use the modeling, UV mappings/textures and animations. In other words is there a 3d model file type that could be used by jme and still have uv wrapping, textures and animation?

I've exported Blender files and used them in jME including animations, but I wasn't able to figure out how to use texture support, but that could just be the model or me (likely the latter). :o

Also, I've done a little with 3D Studio files and it seems to work pretty well, but I haven't done anything with animations in that.


if You talk about the official blender to java exporter from blender.org - forget it :slight_smile:

jme has it's own blender to jme - exporter (cheers to heevee) with object and keyframe animation (don't know about textures either)

… have to go and test it with the brand new 2.40 release …

Yeah, the jME exporter is what I was using.  Works alright but when I used it, it still had some strange bugs in it.


thanks for the replies guys,

how were the models used in the demos created?

I was also looking into the blender to jme exporter, that looks promising

I'm also a bit interested in this topic but havent had time to investigate that to much yet :frowning:

I think the best bet for simple animations now is to import milkshape or md3 (not fully supportet yet) or blender keyframed animations

or to wait for the outcome of this other thread discussing ragdolls and skeletal animation possibilities and whatnot.

I gave the blender exporter a quick shot on the new 2.40 blender btw. and it seems to work in general, i wasn't able to get animations to work however but i have to take a deeper look into that as i feel this could have been my error.

what about wavefront (.obj) files, if blender was to export into obj would uv mapping and animation also be included?

No - uv mapping would be ok with .obj export but the .obj format dosn't support animations.

blender -> jme should support both according to hevee's post's in this thread: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=1439.0

if You have any questions about it i'd drop a post there.