Which model formats can be used?

I cannot seem to find which model formats can be use other than Ogre. Translating Blender to Ogre mesh is very slow taking more than 5 minutes for a single animated mode. Perhaps another format would be faster.

Note: ,Warning Vertex Without bone assignment’ message appears during conversions from top to bottom of the conversion form

although most of the vertices are selected.

It means there are vertices on a model that are not effected by any bone, this usually means the animation will not look correct.

That explains the holes in the model. When i check the vertex groups they seem to all be covered and attached to a bone.

I must be missing something.

I think I fixed the missing faces problem. I went back several versions of the model and ran a script. In edit mode select mesh>

scripts> Clean Meshes>All Mesh Data

That was done with the armature removed, Then the armature was appended from another version, parented to the mesh.

Ran the Ogre Exporter and the holes were gone.