Which Physics Engine?

Hi all,

About our dilema about which engine to use. I have listed a few and created a poll.


oh btw, my vote when to newton as it seems to have all the features that Tokamak has but is actively developed.


My vote goes to newton too for the same reasons… Free for comercial use, active devs and good support.


My vote went to Newton too. Same reasons :slight_smile:

Also newton, same reasons.

I say Tokamak, I think that jme should allow for commercial games. This project seems to me to be an extension of jme. If you disallow committal games then you will discourage many developers form using jme.

Newton is free for commercial use tho.

I say ode, because ode is open source and cross-platform!

I must say that after looking at the thread you posted at their forum DP, I’m really starting to feel hesitant about Newton.

The main reasons for choosing Newton over ODE was:

  • ODE is slow
  • ODE is frame rate dependant
  • Dynamic TriMeshes not working (odejava issue)

    But now it turns out that Newton is:
  • SLOWER than ODE
  • Also frame rate dependant
  • Not allowing dynamic TriMeshes either

    So if I could, I would change my vote to continue with ODE.

    Tokamak is out of the question because:
  • Its community is dead - 0 support
  • Only Windows

    And well, for me Novodex is also out, because it’s not free for commercial use. Still, if you’re gonna continue making a binding for it I totally understand. For me tho, I wouldn’t want to put down a lot of work on a system I wouldn’t be able to use if I one day want to make money out of my games.

"kevglass" wrote:
I reakon I've discovered why things kept falling through meshes! Woo hoO!
Wee! Then I can finally make that catapult level for Marble Fun :)