Which table type do you prefer?

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The new table seems a lot more friendly on my mobile devices.


Can someone enlighten me what table are we talking about please?

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Your monitor sits on something, yes?

P.S. Click on the table labels to see.


Not sure. I like the big description cells, it makes it easier to read. But the repeating table headers (Parameter / Method / Default) are noisy. The old table is easier to navigate (less eye work).
Maybe you could make one table and put the description in a row below and use a rowspan of 2 for the parameters?

This one is exactly like the New Table in poll without the headers and using two cell span for description.

With this version I also set the Method cell to display without wrapping on desktops, not sure how it looks on phones.

Edit: If anyone has more suggestions fire away so I can make changes before adding to poll.

Edit: Whichever format is chosen will apply to most tables in future if appropriate, not just this one.

Do a lot of programming on your phone? :stuck_out_tongue:

I work for myself at home mostly, but since I have the best pc in the house, when my children get home from school they bug the crap out of me until I have to stop and before I know it I’m on some random apple device I’ve found from the back of the sofa and they are murdering my ears with roblox on full blast. Welcome to parenthood :heart:


You have my sympathies. Any noise cancelling headphones kicking around? :wink:

Do you know http://www.webpagetest.org/ ? It can generate previews with different browsers (incl. from phones).
It might be possible to simulate zoom with some injected javascript.


I had in mind something like this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
where the parameter cell and the colors indicate what belongs together. This would make the layout similar to an enumerated list.
But the coloring would conflict with the table tr.even, table tr.alt, table tr:nth-of-type(2n) CSS rule…

This is how particle_emitter2.html looks in Chrome on my Galaxy S5: https://dl2.pushbulletusercontent.com/y3w1sFTWJKuzRGzP4jUKTU9rt8BOasjX/Screenshot_2018-10-05-16-28-08.png

I think with such tables you have to zoom and scroll anyway, so I’d prefer one big table with the same column width for all entries.

This is how particle_emitter4.html looks: https://dl2.pushbulletusercontent.com/Ym96zhQT40XoOY6uZZ0BJM6YoEtyCsB7/Screenshot_2018-10-05-16-31-57.png
(particle_emitter3.html looks identical)

Small fonts though still easily readable. When I want to look at the table I simply zoom out once. :ok_hand:

I wrote it like your image.

The color formatting of ASCII Doctor made some minor changes when compared to yours. The changes seem to break up the table nicely though. If this one works for you let me know.


Nice site. Wasn’t familiar with it. When running the tests it shows static image cache fails. I’m thinking this is due to the images being PNG format rather than JPEG.