Which to choose: LibGDX or jMonkeyEngine?

I’m in the middle of a difficult decision: Basically it’s like X Performance:

I must choose between jMonkeyEngine and LibGDX to create my games for Android.

I’m well used to the jMonkeyEngine and familiarized myself with him, but she is more focused on the PC Engine and is very heavy on Android.

Already LibGDX, actually I do not like her syntax, but it is much faster because it uses plugins in C ++ and also the code written on it is portable to multiple operating systems.

What do I choose?

If you want 3d, jme
if you want 2d, libgdx

Also jme uses the same natives libgdx does, nothing special there.

Also, are you a fan of documentation? If not LibGDX might be the way to go (correct me if things have changed)/

For what its worth the support from the JME devs/regulars is second to none and the value of that cannot be overestimated.

May be not relevant to you and it is not main criterion, but if you like blender I will recommend using JME. Personally I had some troubles integrating blender model in LibGDX and for now I am pretty happy how JME handles such imports.