White Background


can any1 help me with this problem of White Background…

import com.jme.app.FixedFramerateGame;
import com.jme.input.FirstPersonHandler;
import com.jme.light.PointLight;
import com.jme.math.Vector3f;
import com.jme.renderer.Camera;
import com.jme.renderer.ColorRGBA;
import com.jme.renderer.Renderer;
import com.jme.scene.CameraNode;
import com.jme.scene.Node;
import com.jme.scene.state.LightState;
import com.jme.system.DisplaySystem;

public class Game extends FixedFramerateGame {

   private Camera cam;
   private Node rootNode;
   private LightState lightstate;
   private CameraNode cNode;
   protected void cleanup() {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

   protected void initGame() {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
      rootNode = new Node("rootNode");
      BackgroundCore back = new BackgroundCore("night",rootNode);
      cNode = new CameraNode("Camera Node", cam);
      FirstPersonHandler input = new FirstPersonHandler(cam,10f,1f);
      /** Signal to all key inputs they should work 10x faster. */

   protected void initSystem() {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
      display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem(properties.getRenderer());
      display.createWindow(properties.getWidth(), properties.getHeight(), properties.getDepth(), properties.getFreq(), properties.getFullscreen());
      cam = display.getRenderer().createCamera(properties.getWidth(), properties.getWidth());
      /** Set up how our camera sees. */
      cam.setFrustumPerspective(45.0f, (float) display.getWidth()
            / (float) display.getHeight(), 1, 1000);
      Vector3f loc = new Vector3f(0.0f, 0.0f, 25.0f);
      Vector3f left = new Vector3f(-1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
      Vector3f up = new Vector3f(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);
      Vector3f dir = new Vector3f(0.0f, 0f, -1.0f);
      /** Move our camera to a correct place and orientation. */
      cam.setFrame(loc, left, up, dir);
      /** Signal that we've changed our camera's location/frustum. */

   protected void quit() {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub


   protected void reinit() {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub


   protected void render(float arg0) {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

   protected void update(float arg0) {
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

   private void CreateAmbientLight()
      PointLight light = new PointLight();
      light.setDiffuse(new ColorRGBA(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f));
      light.setAmbient(new ColorRGBA(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f, 1.0f));
      light.setLocation(new Vector3f(100, 100, 100));
      lightstate = display.getRenderer().createLightState();

Skybox code

import java.io.File;
import java.net.MalformedURLException;

import com.jme.image.Texture;
import com.jme.scene.Node;
import com.jme.scene.Skybox;
import com.jme.util.TextureManager;

public class BackgroundCore {

   private Skybox skybox;
   private String dir;
   private Node rootNode;
   public BackgroundCore(String backgroundname,Node rootNode)
      this.dir = backgroundname;
      this.rootNode = rootNode;
      skybox = new Skybox("Background",100,100,100);
   public void initBackground()
      try {
         Texture north = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/north.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         Texture south = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/south.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         Texture east = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/east.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         Texture west = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/west.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         Texture up = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/up.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         Texture down = TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("Data/Textures/" + dir + "/down.jpg").toURI().toURL(), true);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.NORTH, north);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.SOUTH, south);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.EAST, east);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.WEST, west);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.UP, up);
         skybox.setTexture(Skybox.DOWN, down);
      } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
         // TODO Auto-generated catch block

the Picutes r loaded and the Skycode Node is attatch to the rootNode..
but its only White Background.
Specs : 640x480 16bbp 60Mhz LWJGL
every1 is loaded according to the Tutorial here in Eclipse

thanx for ur help.. :D