White transparent layer problem

Hi community.
I came across a problem now which I am struggling to solve.
I have a button image and the image has a white drop shadow with a transparent layer.
I am using the GUI material def and set the Blend setting to Alpha.
Now for some reason which I can’t figure out is that the white drop shadow on android changes to black.

If anybody can help me I will be much obliged.

And I am using jME3.0.

Here is an image of the problem:

Maybe a sorting issue?
What is your viewportBackground color on android? Looks like your shadow is blended over grey on android.

Well my viewport background color is set to white and I have nothing else in the scene.
There is only the button picture in the scene from above.

What is your glsurface pixel format?

I don’t understand the question… :smile:

I use what jME provides.

EDIT: Wait, you mean on the android glsurface view… mmm, I don’t know. What should it be?

In the Harness you set Something like TRANSAPRENT, FASTEST or something like that.
If you have TRANSPARENT, you shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @nehon.
I am not using transparent but rather BEST.
None of them work.

If I recall correctly one of the most common bugs reported about Android in 3.0 was incorrect alpha channel in textures. It was fixed in 3.1.

Hey, thanks @Momoko_Fan
I will check it out and see if it is fixed or not.

Thanks for the feedback.

I could still not fix this. Does anyone else get this in jME3.0?
Please help?

Don’t understand, do you still see the issue with jME3.1, or you don’t know how to fix it for 3.0?

I am not using jME3.1 and I do not know how to fix it in jME3.0
@Momoko_Fan please assist?

Probably fix = upgrade to JME 3.1.

Not sure there is another option.

This is for a production build for a company and I cannot use an unstable version of jME.

Thanks @pspeed, but do you have an idea what might be the problem.
Can I not fix the android renderer or where could it be?

Ok… but note: in the open source world, “stable” is just a label. If I went into git and tagged it as “Stable” it’s arbitrary. 3.1 is at least as stable as 3.0 was. :wink: Just different kinds of instability.

I have no idea. I don’t do android development. I think momoko_fan probably gave the best hint already.

As I understand, the entire OpenGL interface was redone for 3.1 so I don’t know what if anything would transfer back to 3.0.

…but is a custom 3.0 fork going to be any better than an ‘unstable’ 3.1 for your customer?

Thank you for the answer I will try it on the latest trunk of jME3.1

At the very least, if it doesn’t work then it will at least eliminate one possible solution. :slight_smile:

Might want to look into this:

It’s a replacement for the image loader on Android which, as the comment states, does not have the RGBA8 bug. I believe it was deprecated because of performance issues.

Thanks @Momoko_Fan.
So just to be clear, this is the fixed version, right?

This has the alpha bug fixed specifically, but unfortunately it has performance issues due to having to process the image data manually.

In jME3.1, the solution was to replace image loading entirely via native code which doesn’t have the performance issues nor the alpha channel bug.