Who is doing Ludum Dare #32 this weekend?

Hi guys,
I was wondering who is doing Ludum Dare 32 this weekend?
I am planning on entering competing.

Come on jME community, lets see what jME3 can do in a weekend.

I really hope to see some entries this time.

I’m eager to enter but not sure if I can get the time. Haven’t done anything jME in over a year so it would be sweet to kick the tires :smile:

I hope i can do LD this weekend and maybe this time with some firends. But the hardest will be to convince them to use JME vs Unity and im afraid that’s hopeless … :confused:

aaaa, thats to bad.
jME really need more and more publicity.
Anyways, good luck if you decide to enter.

yes, and JME should be in the tool section Tools | Ludum Dare . I already contact LegacyCrono (maintainer of the tool page) but i’ve got no answers.

I will be doing it, but I will be using the Unreal Engine. I am still not that familiar with it yet, but this gives me an excuse to learn more. I will let you know how it compares to my previous jME ludum dares :wink:

Cool, keep us updated of your progress.

Okay people, I have decided to make a game a day for this week in preparation for LD32.
It will be 4 Games in 4 days:

Day1: (Arcade game)
Yesterday I started and made a simple clone of Brick Breaker(Arkanoid). I did not have enough time as 1 day including a full time job is far to short to make a complete game.
You can download here: Brick Breaker Download Link
And a Screenshot:

Day2: (Endless runner)
…to be continued…

So yesterday I had almost no time to work on the Endless runner game of the day but I did do something:

Day2: (Endless runner) (AKA, Gravity Dash)
In this game I wanted to make a game where the character runs on the ground with obstacles in his way, if the player clicks the screen the gravity will flip and the player will run on the roof.
I got something to work but not much.
Here is a link

Day3: (Shooter)
…I am thinking of a dungeon FPS type game like doom…

Okay people, the time is now very close for LD32 to start.
Only ± 6 hours left.
I am really excited.

Good luck to all participating…

im in ! But compo this time.
Good luck !

@RatKod, are you using jME or unity?

I do it solo (compo 48h) so im going to pick JME (cause Unity isn’t running on linux :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Here we go, and the theme is:

An Unconventional Weapon

Good luck

I am trying it. I was thinking a game where you have Tape and Glue and you have to fix all the things that the npcs are breaking.

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I like I like… :smile:

Just woke up and saw the theme, very cool!

My initial reaction was to do a kid with a gun that shoots toys at adults, and you go around collecting cake xD <33. Will see if I think of anything else. Good luck guys!

Nice, cool idea.
I am doing a 2D platform zombie apocalypse game.
You an your sister is lost in this world of zombies. The only way to survive is to use the object around you.

I’m in with out imagination : a FPS, a rail shooter or something like that

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Pizze thrower anyone?