Who wants to help w/ project management tasks?

Howdy all :slight_smile:

Well, it’s time for a vote (no campaigning please ;));  core-dump brought up an issue we all have in this post:

http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=9650.0.  One that must be solved before we can decide what to do about 1.0; I am making an assumption here that we ALL want the 1.0 downloads (download page) on the googlecode site to be updated with 2.0 downloads.  However, as core-dump pointed out; none of us have the rights to do that; therefore I took the liberty of sending mojomonk an email and this was his response:

Regarding updates, we can add one or two project owners that the community deems "worthy" to handle project management tasks.

So I guess that means we need to 'figure' it out ourselves... Probably the only way to do this fairly would be to have 'nominations'  where people can nominate themselves or others.  Now this is a pretty big responsibility and something that should not be taken lightly; it probably will require at least 1-2 hours per month as well as a long term commitment to jME.  Therefore, if you find yourself nominated and do not want to be in considered please post that you don't want to be considered :).  Maybe after a week we can narrow the vote down to 5-6 with the end goal to have 2 (or 3) people in charge of keeping the googlecode downloads up to date.  (mojomonk said 1-2 but I don't think that's enough, I would say a minimum 2; preferably w/ a 'standby' person that can take over if need be...)

Here is a general overview of what will be required:

  • keep the downloadable jars (with / without source / javadoc maybe) up to date (new snapshot jars every few months or so)

  • set up a google code wiki page explaining how to use the jars

(I am sure there is some stuff that was missed so please post what you think, who you nominate, or any other constructive comments...)

I don't know if anyone wants to nominate me… but I'll volunteer for it. :wink:

I nominate Core Dump, Baxis.

Actually, I WAS gonna nominate you; but since I started the post I didn't know if I should.

Anyways,  I NOMINATE NYMON :slight_smile:

My Problem is that i can't spend too much time with jme lately, my free time is sucked up by a master thesis at least a few months to come.

But i'll do it if we don't find two other volunteers :slight_smile:

My nominations would be nymon, basix, hevee, mindgamer

I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be able to do this in what time I have available.

Otherwise I think the current nominations are all great, I'd just like to add Momoko_fan to the list.

oh hey, I forgot about duenez and theprism (and HamsterOfDeath but he hasn't been around l8ly :(); I think they should be nominated…

Edit: AND MCBETH, he/she has been around forever…

(okay ill stop nominating now… BUT THERES MORE! and I don't think its a problem to nominate one's self :))

Likewise vote for the oldies, something I think should have been capped when renase moved on is we need 2.1

Im (with approval ) gonna contribute a testing framework, will allow one to add a mock object displaysystem to faciliate better junt testing.

Also keen on the threaded core …

The one who should be nominated is somebody who can be trusted and somebody who has a lot of time. If you post often and already have many posts then you're a good candidate as that shows that you're active and you have a history  :wink:

theprism, you have to consider here that we are selecting somebody to do project management tasks and accepting patches, not necessarily develop jME further. For jME development, I think it would work better if a new project (or branch) is started from the current jME with improvements made there, as it is unsafe to apply drastic changes to an actively used engine codebase.

Aside from core dump and hevee, I also think nymon and mindgamer would be good choices.

Before we vote I think we really need to formally define the tasks that this person will be reponsible for, otherwise it could easily become a monumental job…

(I don't know if we want make patch verification part of this role, it might be better if we had everyone looking at patches…)

Really the main task is just keeping an eye on the downloadable jars, since only google code 'project owners' can maintain these things.

Everyone should feel encouraged to verify patches, create issues / patches, help fixing open issues etc.

We need YOU (points with the finger to you) to maintain and improve jME  :).

I nominate basixs…anyone that has enough time to do that should have more than enough time for this.  :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, gotta love the internet; its full of wonderful little 'widgets' like image to ascii converters :wink:

Uh-huh…you know you did it by hand.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I back all previous nominations and add myself to the list.  While I am not very well known here, and am more of a user of jME than a contributor/developer, I have enough spare time to devote to this angle of jME, project management skills/experience, and a desire to see/help jME succeed.  I would be happy to accept a position on the code/jar management team if there is a defined list of responsibilities for the position and an accepted SOP to work by.

Status of this? Are we going to decide soon?

Somebody from the nominations should volunteer, I don't think it's fair if we pick somebody but they don't want to do it.

I volunteer…

and what about there being 3 people? (2 active, 1 backup)

I agree with momoko_fan, quite a few people were 'nominated' but never spoke up; but here are the people that seem like 'finalists':



Core-Dump (busy)




I gladly accept.  XD