Whole PC freezes


I'm evaluating jMonkeyEngine right now and have big trouble.

Some of the jmetest examples work (nearly) without problems. Some others make the whole PC freeze so a must do a hard power off…

I checked out the latest svn of jMonkeyEngine and i. e. the camera man example works. TestTerrain is one of the bad ones… It seems that one render method is called because I see some part of terrain, but then nothing on the PC is responding anymore… no mouse, no keyboard, nothing…

I'm working on an Ubuntu 9.04 notebook with intel media accelerator.

This error is hard to find, because I can see no exception stack trace or something. Do you know what this could be or a log file to look in?

Thanks in advance!


Hmm,…did you have a behaviours like this before? Only with jME? And is it everytime the same

demo?You should have a look at you graphicsadapter.

At work I have the same problem. There seems to be an issue

with my graphicsadapter that let's my whole computer freeze when using 3d-stuff like openGL

or DirectX. Once it takes 1min another time 10mins…think it has something to do with the memory.

I never had this before, but I must admit, that I did not use 3d stuff before…

It's always at the same demos, some always work, and some others always make the PC freeze. None of the terrain stuff is working, but the camera man demo works always.

CTRL-ALT-Backspace does not work. I have to hold the Power off button a few seconds, till its shut down…

A collegue gave me a few hints, like /var/log/messages and dmesg … I have to search a little bit further. But it seems that I have to develop on windows  :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren't there tests, which I can make to limit the error condition?

I have the same problem with Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu has freezed few times with jme tests and with my own projects.

I have integrated ATI graphics chip AMD 780G in Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI AMD 780G / SB700 AM2. The ATI driver might cause this. Some times CTRL-SHIFT-BACKSPACE helps, couple of times I had to do power off.

Maybe a driver issue!? I used jME2 a lot with Ubuntu (with Nvidia-card) and didn't had problems with the graphics. (The sound had some issues,…)