Why bullet physics is good?

verlet, euler, what is uses? or this is the wrong question? :slight_smile:

I know we only have that option for now, and it seems quite good, but could someone explain why it is so good or better than something else? or is just what we can have now?

I still cant put away bad memories of old tests I did that things would not stop falling thru the ground or getting stuck inside each other, and many hours spent on trying to prevent that to only see the mess I created.

But I have seen that problem in great games out there (fallout3) so may be we have no option, or do we?

as I also tried on some other games to make the physics break in that ugly way and couldnt, so I thougth it’s physics engine was better than the others (I think it was quake3 not sure tho)…

any tips?

I’d really like to know which one is used in bullet but I’m sure it doesn’t matter for you :slight_smile: Those are ‘only’ more or less accurate/fast numerical integration methods to convert the force in a movement (have a look at Netwons axioms).

You have multiple options right now. If you really wan’t to use a physics engine you could also try physx like someone did before. But I wouldn’t recommend it to you because you face the same issues every physics engine has.

I guess you messed up your setup or you face the common issue of collision dedection. Because the position ist calculated every tick you could fly through walls if you are fast enough. There are two solutions. Either use continous collision detection (don’t know how at the moment) or set you tick rate higher.

I can’t help you here without an example. Never had such a case… Maybe you could provide a simple example.[quote=“teique, post:1, topic:38317”]
it’s physics engine was better than the others

There is a little misunderstanding. Most of those games don’t use a physics engine or have a very limited one. They only have a very good character but they don’t use forces at all.

I hope I could help you. Otherwise you could give an example and I can have a look at it.