Why do CompoundCollisionShape can't be scaled?

I’ve removed the setScale override that prevent the CompoundCollisionShape to be scaled and it seems to work properly. Ive been looking at it native project file history and it looks like that method was there since many years ago, however it has received many fixes.

Currently it seems to be working fine so I wonder if there is a reason to still have it preventing the scale or that piece of “do-not-use-me” code can be removed?.

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I guess it is there because native bullet has had some issues with scaling:


IDK if that is still relevant.

It might work by now, if it#s related to the bug just recently fixed. Could you maybe test this and report back?

Well, I tested it with some different compounds and it seems to be resizing them well. The only change needed is this one.
I tested it also in the buggy cases of the mentioned bug (If is that one).

If there is any issue I didn’t find them.

Well if you say it works, and I cannot see any reason why it was disabled that is still valid, I’m merging this.

Any reason not to port this change to 3.1?