Why does jME source not recognize jME libs?

Hi everyone,

I m still a noob in jME (and more generally Java). I followed the tutorial to set up jME using Netbean 6.7 and I ve been trying to generate a distribution for several hours.

I ve provided my app with jME javadoc and jME source files, but when I unpack it, Netbeans tells me that it cant find some classes that are actually there in my lib node…

Heres a screenshot:

Did I miss something? Is it normal?

Thanks a lot for your answers.


You need to go to the properties of the project and add the lwjgl.jar (in the Libraries part) and some other JARs to your proyect. Don't forget to also add the -Djava.library.path in the Run part of the properties. I don't know if this is still current because I am using NetBeas 5.5

Good luck

Thank you for your help!

Actually, I had done everything you mentionned before that. When I go Project->properties->libraries, I can see a list of jar files, including lwjgl.jar and jogl.jar and some other. This is in the "compile" part. Plus, I have no problem running the Hello3D project from the tutorial and I guess it means I have all the libraries.

In the un part of the proprieties as well, I have


which I think is right.

Still, theres some red little crosses over the jME source files and they seen not to be able to localize some particular packages. Weird…

Well, the problems happen in your jME project, not on your personal project, so maybe that is the configuration that is not set correctly? Otherwise I am clueless.  :?

well… Am i the only one with this issue here?  :lol:

At least we agree on that these little red crosses are not supposed to be there. I must be doing something wrong… but what? :mrgreen:

Thank you anyways  :wink: