Why is the Lightnode not available in Scene-Composer?

Just curious, why the Lightnode is not available in the Scene-Composer. Seems to be quite comfortable for positioning lights in the composer.
(or am i just missing a menu?)


Never been added, because it was added to the engine after the menu was made in the scene composer, I guess.
and you’re the first one to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, while searching for my initial problem( how to move a Light, without manually writing the position into the properties). I found some posts asking the same, and later on a thread where they implemented the LightNode.

I thought that might be the simpelst solution to fix the problem^^.

Can i extend the Menu by writing a plugin, or do i need to modify the composer-plugin directly?


well…this has to be added to the core sdk, not really a good candidate for a plugin, would be a bit overkill.

If you feel like doing it, you can post a patch maybe, it would be great.

Its actually pretty easy to extend this menu, just one class in a plugin will do (which we could also later take over to the engine), see here:

@Normen so i can just write a plugin which add the required menuentries, without touching the Scene-Composer/Explorer plugins?

Seems to be quite Handy. That’s the way i’ll choose for now(and might share the extension later for everyone)