Why is uniform WorldMatrixInverseTranspose commented out?

Hey all,

I just updated today after a long no update period and one of my shaders blew up.

After a long investigation it turned out that in UniformBindingManager.java the code for WorldMatrixInverseTranspose is commented out.

I have fixed it locally, but is there a reason for this? Will it be officially coming back?

It seems that uniform was commented out on commit r9555 (the first time it was removed from RenderManager to its new UniformBindinManager class. Here’s the commit.

I would imagine this comment to be your answer.

* Material world parameters are now set
in uniformBindingManager instead of
* Fix issue 497 -> TempVars are no longer
used to set world parameters so they
cannot leak onto other params or lighting
* Uniform is no longer serializable
* Cleaned up uniform from old/outdated

yeah…i don’t really know why it’s been commented.

It has been added not that long ago i don’t really think it was outdated.

@Momoko_Fan I’m gonna un-comment and commit, post here if you have an objection

@bigstink it should be committed soon

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Nothing exploded, so I guess we are okay.