Why JME dose not support non skeleton animation(vertex animation)?

Hi friends
If JME supports vertex animation I think then :

You can crate animation in blender by its physic and particle system and bake them. because it is not real time rendering it will look so realistic.For example it can simulate a big apartment explosion so realistic and give you a rendered key frame animation.

Then you can import that apartment with its explosion animation to JME so there is no need for real time rendering by JME because every thing rendered beforehand. So this means that the performance is a lot better (CPU and memory efficiency ) and the scene will be so realistic . Am I right?
If not. please explain why?

I think up to now, nobody has added that feature :wink:
Feel free to add the support and make a pull request.
One of the reasons there is no streightforward way to implement the feature is that it first requires a rock solid asset pipeline from blender to jme… And even the current pipeline is already taken lots of man hours

And you can still do what you suggest with bone animation btw.

Sorry but I didn’t get what you mean?
Can you explain more?
When for example an apartment explodes it breaks to thousands of big and small pieces . and every piece thrown every where based on force.
How can i do this with bones ? you mean I should put bone to every piece?


But the results are not same at all. I mean for a great look and realistic scene .

Depends on what you do. The parts fly around in both cases.

Friend i have one more question.
I want when player run in game his clothe start to wave .(to make it more realistic) . Is SoftBody the right choice to do this ?

I suggest you first try to make the basics of your game work and then care about cloth simulation.

Do you mean that JMonkeyEngine doesn’t support key frame animations when importing a Blender model? As far as I know, the animations (actions) created in Blender are even lost when exporting a Blender model in Collada, it’s a known and old problem. I remember that JMonkeyEngine 2 supports key frame animations, does JMonkeyEngine support it?

You can export each frame as a single WaveFront OBJ file and import them in JMonkeyEngine, you’ll have to manage the animation data by yourself.

The .blend importer supports spatial animation (object tracks in blender) and bone animation. No vertex animation (which is unusual for game models anyway).

Thanks for your reply gouessej.
I have question . Let’s suppose I have piece of glass. when I shoot it by a bullet It break to pieces.
I simulate this in blender . Now I have a clean key frame animation in blender.It is about 50 frame. I did this by help of blender physic .
for other example consider I create a nice hair with help of particle in blender and by using wind physic I gave it nice waving and bake it. now i have a hair mesh that has a key frame animation about 50 frame.
note I do not use any bone.
So my question is if it’s possible to import these to jme by the way you said. I mean by exporting
It as a WaveFront OBJ file. or any other way. I would be really glad if you answer my question.
Thanks so so much.

Actually, Normen’s suggestion is better and a lot less painful. I saw a WaveFront OBJ importer in JMonkeyEngine 3. Therefore, it should be possible to export your key frames separately and import them in JMonkeyEngine but it will be up to you to tell JMonkeyEngine how to handle them. Normen’s suggestion is viable if you have no bone. I agree with him, it’s a bit weird to animate each vertex separately, even Quake 2 doesn’t do that, several frames of a key frame set contributes to the animation of the primitives (triangles, triangle strips, …).

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