Why my JME doesn't update / draw node after +- 30 minute game running?

I test my project run and I leave it until ± 30 minute, my game generate some node move from top to bottom, but

why my JME doesn’t update / draw node after ± 30 minute game running?

there is no error in log,

Could it be the node is moving off screen? Also check that your float values aren’t maxing out after that amount of time. But there is nothing in jme to stop it from rendering after a set amount of time. I’ve run many jme apps for much longer than 30 minutes.

I’ve literally run my game for 6 hours before without issue. So it must be a problem in your app or a misunderstanding of what you are seeing.

I agree with the replies so far. I’ve forgotten a test run once for over 4 hours and never had a problem. Everything was normal when I realized I had forgotten to close it.