Why no option to set current frame in the animation channel?

I was curious why there wasn’t an option to set the current frame in the animation controller ? This would be extremely useful for models that have all of their animations on one track. I went through and set it up myself. I couldn’t help but think this seems like such a common task why not include it in the package ?

Having multiple animations in one track sounds like awfully bad practise

Normally animations are separated so you can mix them together and it’s easier to run them in loop node I think

I think the SDK even has a utility to split them out by frame number. It’s common to receive assets that have all of the animations in one long track but then it’s also common to split that out into something that’s actually useful to the game.

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Cool beans , I didn’t notice that extract sub animation before. That is extremely helpful. I just bought a bunch of models and most of them only have one track.