Why not DOMInputCapsule constructor has JmeImporter?

Hi, Now I have been implementing custom importer and exporter with DOMInputCapsule and DOMOutputCapsule. But I found a problem in DOMInputCapsule.

DOMInputCapsule constructor has org.w3c.dom.Document and com.jme3.export.xml.XMLImporter. However I think second argument should be JmeImporter. ( DOMOutputCapsule constructor has JmeExporter…)

Now implementation, DOMInputCapsule is only use with XMLImporter…


DOM = XML, so its only needed for XML, so its all fine like it is.

thanks for reply normen.

Do you mean custom xml importer should be extended XMLImporter if it is used with DOMOutputCapsule ?

No. XMLImporter is for serializing and deserializing Savabales to and from XML.

Just implement your own Input/OutputCapsule. You cannot use DOMOutputCapsule because it writes the data in jME3-XML format and not your custom format.

ok, I will implement own InputCapusle and OutputCasule. Thanks !