Why the +1 , +2 ...feature was removed?

there was a column how many thumbs up was in a particular thread…why this feature was removed?

To unclutter the forum overview

well, from my perspective it wasn’t cluttering at all, and it helped me to focus on threads that are most interesting, while i dont have much time to click onto everyone of them.

How about a public vote? :smiley:

I read read every thread (if it does not sound extremely boring or stupid), never really recognized this feature

im not very knowledgeable user, so my penetration power is pretty limited :smiley: …so, it something seems pretty high level but it has a lot of +++ i try to dig through it or bookmark it for later reading…but, if not, then i just skim it.

iamcreasy said:
my penetration power is pretty limited :D

Interesting...tell us more ;)

Well I read everything too, but I don't remember this feature ever existed

I usually browse through most recent posts and read only those which sound most interesting so I don’t really have need for such feature. :slight_smile:

neeeh…everyone is against me…

i need it.

nobody noticed it…so, it wont be a problem, if it is restored :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

When they switched some plug-ins around, the columns got rearranged and it greatly separated the group+title from the “read/unread” indicator.

I think the “see how many people who use the thumbs icons have been in this thread” indicator went away in an attempt to bring those two columns closer together.

I personally never used it because it seemed like the really interesting (to me) threads, never got many thumbings while the “lolz, where’s the make MMO button?” threads got lots of them.