Why the Gui of the renparticleEditor flicker sometimes?

Why the Gui of the renparticleEditor flicker sometimes?But when i resize the frame or move it,and it stop flickering,while when i input the data in the panel ,it flickering again?thank you . :?

What OS/system are you running on?  Perhaps there is a direct rendering / buffering issue with swing + opengl on your machine.

I use window xp,suing swing and opengl,which method could avoid this problem?thank you  :slight_smile:

But sometimes it works well. :?

Sorry, I'm not sure?  Are other swing having this issue?

jdonkey, did you manage to replicate the issue on another hardware configuration?

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a similar problem.

This issue is not present on my MacBook Pro 2.0 Core Duo, ATI Radeon x1600, both in Mac OS X and Windows XP SP2.

It is, however, present on my testing system:

HP laptop, Intel Core 2 Due 2.19. NVIDIA Quardo FX 1600M.

I have a JMECanvas canvas embedded in a Swing GUI. When I load my game, the ui seems serene, but when I interact with one of the Swing widgets, I notice a flikkering. This flikkering is probably already present at game start, but not visible as no changes have been made. The flicker occurs at the rate with which I'm repainting the JMECanvas component.

If the JMECanvas is hidden, the flickering stops, but starts again when the canvas becomes visible again.



I've solved it for fullscreen exclusive mode, but not for windowed.

The solution was putting all the swing interaction into the EventQueue (which I should have done anyway).

This does not solve it in windowed mode however, so does anyone have any idea?

The solution is to set the jvm to -Dsun.draw2d.noddraw=true. This solves a conflict between the DirectX rendering in Swing and the OpenGL rendering.

Nice work solving that.

I've added this to the FAQ so it doesn't get lost in the future.

renanse said:

Nice work solving that.

The credits go to jerek2 (or jezek2) on the lwjgl irc channel.