WidgetImage on WidgetButton

Hi all.

Can someone please tell me if it is possible to add an image on top of a WidgetButton? I would like to create cool looking buttons!

If it is possible, how would I go about it?



I’m not really sure yet about the answer to that.

One possibility is to extend Button to support Images. The other is to extend Images to support Buttons.

One thing you might try in the meantime is to just put an image and an empty button in the same layout at the same level. It may be that they can “occupy the same space at the same time”


i think gregg was mentioning something about LookAndFeel

He started work on it in slider. The slider uses LookAndFeel, so you might want to change button to do the same. That way, all you have to do is set the look and feel of the button from an image.

Ok, thanks I will try to do that.

I would like to make some suggestion on the font of a text widget. Could someone please implement the feature for setting one’s own font file (.glf), because right now the WidgetText is hard coded to use Default.glf and that isn’t very generic.

Could you maybe also add the functionality for setting an image on a button, or maybe setting the background image for a widget?

the background will be part of the look and feel. As for the .glf, i totally agree, and it would be nice to set the font. Il have a look at the code sooner or later and implement it. if thats ok with gregg.

Cool, I would like that!

When will the look and feel be implemented and has anyone started with it, yet?

it has been started, as shown by the slider widget. As for the time frame, i cannot give a definet answer as school is currently keeping me down. Hope thats ok? :slight_smile: