WidgetViewport screen shot


I thought there might be some interest in a screen shot of WidgetViewport in action.


As you can see there are four different scenes being rendered at the same time.

The idea is to place a scene rendering viewport the same way you would place any other Widget using a layout mananger.

In this screen shot I’m using the new WidgetGridLayout to arrange the viewports. You can also see the WidgetGridLayout in action in the lower left viewport.

WidgetViewport owns a Camera and an AbstractInputController (another new class). It overrides the onDraw method an sets the Renderer’s Camera with it’s own and then set the Renderer’s Camera back to the original Camera after onDraw is done.

I still need to pipe input to the viewports so a viewport can grab the mouse exclusively for things like the first person controller.

I will also be adding the ability to switch the scenes in the viewports in the test app.

I hope to have things finished and commited by the end of this coming weekend.


Simply amazing Gregg. I’m am VERY impressed. That has so many uses I can’t even imagine. How is the speed? Is it still decent?

Well the screen shot shows 160 fps, I really don’t know how accurate my fps calculations are.

It’s running at 1024x768x32, Pentium 4 2.8mhz, ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro.

I’m also going to try to add the ParticlSystem test app as one of the scenes.


Dumb question… but you can have multiple screens showing the same scene from different camera’s, right? I.e. show the model from the top, left and front or something?

Yes, I’ll add buttons to the final test app to allow switching between scenes.

My ultimate goal is to create a modeler/level builder that runs on top of jME.

have you ever used the one that comes with wild tangent’s sdk, I was able to build a simple quake-like maze level with interconnecting corridors and different textures to each room in under 20 minutes. check it out if want, wildtangent.com

might offer some good ideas for when that time comes.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

you dont need the entire sdk you can download wt studio seperately