Wierd.... things in netbeans 6.5

okay, I am new to jmonkey I have looked at it for a while and decided to give it a shot, I checkout out the src, from google code, and it had a netbeans project allready in it. so I used it, my problem is even though the jar files are there it can't find any of the libs in the project folder I have maven… don't know much about  but I have it…

I tried adding the libs but It tells me they don't exist can I get some help please… thanks

okay come to find out it is maven, that is causing my problem though I would rather not remove it, to solve my problem because I am going to need it for another project I am working I tried adding the lips through adding repository, and they still don't show up has anyone else had problem with this? can someone help me?

did you try to follow this guide?


yes I followed up to the point of creating projects, when I tried to do that step it said there was already a project in that folder. so I used it. aka maven