Wiki and general contributions

Well, this is my first topic, I am new to jME (just discovered it a number of days ago) and I am very very close to deciding to use it as my preferred game engine.

I want to ask the community some things:

First, I have been doing some minor editing on the wiki (User's Manual) correcting some typos and adding chapter navigation links on top and bottom of pages that do not have them, and I want to know if this is OK or I need to follow some specific format.

Also, I want to know a little bit more about jME source contributions since I have some experience programming in Java and would like to participate in this project (as actively as my schedule allows me  :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Thanks and cheers for jME!

We’re always glad to have wiki participation.  You can post up contributions in the User Code section or the wiki with a good explanation and it will be considered for inclusion.  You can also submit bugs via the issue tracker at