Wiki and homepage giving 502 Bad Gateway (28/6/15)

Any links to the Wiki or homepage are currently giving me a 502 error. I’m not sure if it’s maintenance or if the site is down, but seeing as the site is still relatively new I thought I’d let the appropriate people/forum know.

As a related sidenote, is the ToneGodGUI wiki available elsewhere or is it exclusively on the wiki?



…and I guess now we have a third thread, too.

The only people who can fix this problem are apparently in another universe at the moment.

Sorry about that, I suppose I probably should’ve checked to see if this was already addressed. Looks like I’ll have to stumble in the dark for my GUI code for now. Should be fun :smile:

I Have same problem now. The home page and some pages that I used yesterday get this error and doesn’t load. :expressionless:

Gonna ring the bell

It’s fixed now thanks to @kwando

The website is giving 502 Bad Gateway error

Maintenance even happens on some of the bigger websites like united internet (biggest internet company in my country).

I think we should mark these topics as [SOLVED] and advice the people: “don’t panic and don’t forget your towel” :chimpanzee_wink:

It’s happening again. I’m on mobile and sometimes it loads the page sometimes it doesn’t…
Happens for both the forum and the wiki…

im on it.

Just out of curiosity: What is going on when the website or forum is down? Maintenance work? Run out of money? Thanks. :chimpanzee_smile:

updating usually. our server is sponsored too, and occasionally the billing system gets confused and marks it as unpaid, so it goes offline. other than that, probably one of the monkeys tinkering around :stuck_out_tongue: