Wiki and Tutorial

I'm about to write up Tutorial 5 and just wanted to get a pulse on if it's going the way you guys hope it is.

I know we aren't too deep into it yet to be able to say a lot, but:

  1. Are the tutorials that exist cover what they should?
  2. Are the at the right level? Too dumbed down? Too high level?
  3. Is there any errors or omissions on the existing ones?

    And the wiki itself:

  4. Is it looking like it will be useful?
  5. Is it useful now?

    Just a little feedback so I know if I need to go in a slightly different direction. I'm trying to get 5-10 wiki pages written a day.

Yes, I think they are already useful and the more complete they get the better it is.

As soon as you have covered all the topics you planned we can extend it to more detail.

For example with the skybox I tried to add that to my game but it keeps invisible. That means there must be something more to take into account and the reason and the solution should be added then.

As well we should think about the questions found in the forum to be added to the FAQ. I'm quite sure there are more than six frequently asked questions :slight_smile:

YES ! this is definately useful :slight_smile:

Can't wait to see more capters.

I haven't tried the examples yet, but its well written and interesting to read how this stuff is "officially" done right and hey, this could even be the beginning of a book on game programming …

If maintained properly this will be even more useful than the highly praised beginners guide.

The level is quite right so far i think, not to hard for the beginner and interesting for the slightly advanced (me) too.

Very good work Your'e doing here in my opinion.

I haven't had the time to read the tutorials, i will do that later when i am back from jmephysics, but from my first look through the pages they look good.

I have some suggestions for the jme site. First i think it would be good to remove the link to the pdf-user-guide at support->documentation or to change it with a link to the user guide in the wiki. By the way the link doesn't go to the user-guide-pdf, it goes to the starter-guide-pdf. Second it maybe a good idea to put links to the wiki articles how-to-setup-eclipse-and-netbeans-for-jme at support->getting started. And at last i think like Galun that a strong faq-section would be very useful.

Keep up the good work. It feels good to see how the documentation is growing :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the suggestions and encouragement, I'll keep going with what I'm doing. Today will be a ChaseCam/control tutorial.

As far as FAQs are concerned, if anyone is willing to put together questions they think are tricky and a lot of people have problems with, I'll put it on the wiki with the answers.

I'll also clean up the links. (And put the getting started guide on the wiki).

"What's that strange error saying it can't find my properties.cfg file?  I can't seem to find it!"  :-p


this is very useful to me, four chapters and you've already head off a bunch of questions from me on the forums thanks and keep up the good work.

It all starting to come back to life again, I'm pleased


i also want to attract all of you to write down your own experiences.

I have made at least three approaches still not finished yet on the wiki.

I think this can be really good to advance everyones knowledge if community is great enough to share resources.

I know that writing documents isn't the stuff we like most, but as i found out even my own work becomes more and more structured by itself.

Even though it's quite a bit of fun seeing how your research moves forward.

Wiki is also good for team work.

I know you all guys know this.

The last and best pro i think is to attract mojo not to be the only one trying to get this big stuff work.

for the FAQ:

How do i position and orient stuff in my scenegraph to look at some other stuff (position)

and how do i point my cam at some other stuff correctly (the quaternion -> vector3f -> quaternion thingie)

Actually, a good explanation of Quaternions and Vector3fs would probably be very beneficial somewhere in the wiki.  It took me a long time to really grasp that and even now it's a little foreign to me to thinka bout.  Good idea winkman!