Wiki error typing

There is an error in the wiki at wiki page in :
[java]rbg.addButton(new ButtonAdapter(screen, new Vector2f(10,10)); //parenthesis missing at the end
rbg.addButton(new CheckBox(screen, new Vector2f(10,30)); //parenthesis missing at the end
rbg.addButton(new RadioButton(screen, new Vector2f(10,50));//parenthesis missing at the end[/java]

And :
[java]public void onSelect(int index, Button value) {
System.out.println((String)value); //For me it isn’t working i’ve to remove the casting to make it work

anyway Good job :smiley:

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Hm, yes that cast makes no sense, as println calls toString anyway, and is a final class, so button can never be castable to it.

Thanks for the catch

Hmmm… don’t seem to be able to update the wiki pages. Who do ask about the “new & improved” method of doing this?

No, I treid to find a way to update this as well, but not even the /edit url hack works :confused: