Wiki Updates

Hey, all.

I've been getting my feet wet in jME by going through the Wiki, and adding pages for uncreated links where my knowledge allows.  It seems that the wiki could use some dedicated work on it, and I feel comfortable enough with the subject matter to throw in basic definitions, at the very least.

Which brings me to the question:  Is there any way in DocuWiki to get a list of the current unfulfiled links in the pages?  It would make things a LOT easier if I could just skim a list of needed resources and fill out the ones I'm capable of. :slight_smile:

– Kintar

Not sure if you can with Doku, but it's incredibly easy in MediaWiki. :wink:


Any chance of updating the wiki / docs

Im kinda trying to get the last ounce of performance anywhere - have just noticed that im over eagerly update the world bound, geometric state collision tree, render tree…

Im not really sure what minimalistic updates i should do and when ???

If you want to get high performance, I'd suggest profiling. It's likely that updates have a very limited impact on performance. However since you asked, maybe this wiki article will help you: