Ok, It’s time! Wiki is up:

I’ll be working hard on it, but would LOVE help.

Currently there is a User’s Guide section, FAQ, Tutorials and Articles links.

I’m working on the layout for the User’s Guide, so try not to edit the Table of Contents for a little bit.

Ok, User’s Guide Table of Contents is finished. At least the basic flow, is set. We’ll definately have to add entries of course. So, now it’s just a matter of filling out the content. Feel free to help… anyone… :slight_smile:

Can you put a link to wiki on the main page?

It’s on the documentation page. Would you prefer a link on the main menu?

No, that’s fine. I just didn’t think to look on the documentation page.

But if I had been looking for documentation rather than the wiki specifically, it would have been found.

I copied the introduction section to the bottom-half wiki home page.

I have always hated projects that don’t describe themselves right up front.

If you don’t think it’s appropriate, please delete it.

Nope, sounds good. :slight_smile: I want this to be community driven… less work for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be on holiday for a week now, but when I return, I’d like to write a “bloody noobs guide to head up displays” tutorial in the wiki.

I just started editing a bit in the wiki.

Currently it seems that it is only possible to integrate images by placing a link to the image in the wiki page.

Is it possible to administrate the wiki in a way that images can be uploaded to the wiki itself? No matter whether in tutorials or the users guide, I think that quite a few images will be necessary and I don’t know whether it is a good idea to have then scattered around over many servers. You may want everything in one place, don’t you?

No I don’t believe you can upload via the wiki, however, if you send me the images I will upload them for you.

I’ll put all wiki images in:


you can then just reference them from there.

OK, in order not to bother you every day, I’ll try to complete my writings first and upload the images to my clan server, then when I am finished I’ll pass them to you in one bulk.

BTW: can someone please have a look at what I have written until now and give me feedback on whether this is the right scope or not?

That is a great tutorial, that is exactly the kind of thing we need. I think this the perfect scope.

I have a couple comments, you say you are using PGA textures instead of PNG or TGA in the first section.

Link at the bottom of the first section has a typo in example.

Have you tried using the new Render Queue system? It was designed to help orgranize opaque, transparent and ortho (HUD) items. It’s a new feature, but one we’d like to push people to use. That way you don’t have to manually set the ortho mode on and off.

It’s looking great, though. Thank you.

Yes, I’ve already completely changed my own game engine to use the render queue system and I absolutely like it.

I did not describe it in the tutorial, since it is not yet publicly available - only via CVS. Immediately after the next release I will change my example.

After having written some sessions for the HUD tutorial, I currently only have one other session left to write. Therefore I am thinking of writing another tutorial, but first I’d like to make sure that no one else is working on the same thing.

I noticed a non-wiki tutorial about setting up a jME based project in intellij. I’d like to write this in the wiki for eclipse 3.0. Anyone already done this?

I don’t think anyone else is doing it… would be great!

Use lots of pictures if you do. They make it so much easier to understand :slight_smile:

Hi, just registered and noticed this quite old thread. Thought I could help a bit.

"mojomonk" wrote:
No I don't believe you can upload via the wiki, however, if you send me the images I will upload them for you.

I'll put all wiki images in:


you can then just reference them from there.

Here's a quote from the PmWiki site:
"" wrote:
Images must be stored on a webserver somewhere in order to be displayed in PmWiki. If the system has been configured to enable uploads, then you can upload an image as a page attachment and include it using the Attach: markup. Otherwise, HowToUploadImages? describes the process of uploading images to a webserver.

And here's the link to info about uploading in PmWiki:

You can also edit the file local/localmap.txt to add new shortcuts to for example images. For example "image:uploaded_img.jpg" instead of the whole address.

Almost forgot…

I started reading the UsersGuide in the Wiki and thought it would be nice to have next/prev links in the chapters. Started editing the pages, but noticed I had to change the [n] links to full name links so I thought I should ask first if there’s a reason for the [n] links?

The wiki is a community project so, feel free to improve however you see fit. It’s been neglected, so I’m just glad someone is showing interest in working on it some. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope some more people get interested as well :slight_smile: I like wikis, they can be powerful tools.

Now if I only knew some 3D programming too, then I could have written some content in the guide.

BTW, a RSS feed from the wiki might be useful. Perhaps more people will check it out if they can get info about new updates in an easy way.

If you want to add a RSS feed just add the following line to the config.php:


It can then be reached from this url:

Here's an example from the PmWiki page: