Wikipedia Enttry Name (or jMonkeyEngine Name)

As said in the Topic and earlier discussed here:

Please vote for the two names you prefer. (Of course, vote only for one, if you only prefer ONE)

The wikipedia entry is already there:

And if you type "jme" in the search you'll see it lets you redirect to jMonkey Engine page.

sorry… it's a bit missunderstanding…

I mean the German page, as you could read in the other thread.

And I mean the main name. Not redirecting.

There's no wikipage entry.

Uh, I guess since the name is "jMonkey Engine" for the English page then there's no reason to change it? Just keep it the same for all languages, less confusion for everybody.

that's a good point :wink:

I think so, too.

but personally I don't like jMonkey_Engine and the earlier pages that have been deleted on were named Java Monkey Engine…

so let the vote decide :smiley:

you can just remove simport from there I guess, and replace project wonderland's link with this one:

Okay, it’s online: